1975 a group of women from Wales travelled to Brussels to present the first petition, which was on Women's Rights, to the European Parliament calling for changes in the European Commission's Draft Directive on equal treatment for men and women workers.

1980 in Copenhagen at the UN Conference on Women, the possibility to establish an all-Wales official organisation to be responsible for input to the United Nations was discussed.

1984 with the help of the Women’s National Commission (WNC) this was achieved.

1984 the new South Glamorgan County Council established a Women's Committee - the only one in Wales.

1985 UN Conference in Nairobi

1994 WAW conference From Beijing to Bontnewydd (?)

1995 WAW held a major conference in preparation for the UN World Conference in Beijing. WAW was accorded associate membership at the WNC.

1995 Wales Assembly of Women (WAW) had official representation at the UN Global Conference on Women in Beijing. WAW was accorded full membership status of the WNC.

1997 Vienna

Annually, the Commission on the Status of Women, UN, New York.

1997 WAW conference, Power Matters (new Welsh Assembly election impending)

2000 Beijing + 5, New York

2005 Beijing + 10, New York

2010 Beijing + 15, New York

2011 WAW conference, Do Women in Wales Matter